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The conference

The Overflate Conference 2020 has unfortunately been canceled.

This is not something we do with a light heart, but based on the development of the pandemic in recent weeks, we believe it is the right decision. We had hoped to be able to carry out this important meeting place also in 2020, and knew that the event could be carried out safely within the authorities' guidelines for infection control.

But the development in the last couple of weeks, with a worsening pandemic situation and increased restrictions in the big cities, has made things look very different than just a short time ago. A number of companies that had originally signed up for this year's event have had to cancel their participation due to new guidelines, and many companies have introduced stricter infection control rules for their employees in light of developments in recent weeks. At the same time, we believe it is important to exercise special care given that the country is now in a pandemic situation that is far more confusing than earlier this autumn.

Therefore, this year's event is canceled. We apologize for this, and we hope that the entire industry can meet again at Overflate for inspiration, learning and socializing in November 2021.

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