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November 14-15, 2023

The Grieg Hall

Overflate'23 - Steady course or new paths?

The last few years have been dramatic in many ways. Pandemic, war in Europe and climate and nature challenges are some keywords. These events and realities will also affect our industries, both in the short and long term.


Tax incentives and lack of energy have resulted in a very high level of activity in the oil and gas sector. This results in a very heated market with pressure on demand and a battle for competence and capacity. Many companies are experiencing a business climate today that offers many opportunities and good profitability. But this is also challenging.


At the same time as the oil and gas industry goes into high gear, we also have to deal with the climate challenges, the consequences of which we are already facing. Climate change will require new measures to be taken in energy policy. This can create challenges for companies, industries and regions that are particularly dependent on oil and gas activity.


Experience has shown that the industry's adaptability is great when the conditions require it. The green shift will provide many exciting opportunities within the renewables sector. Offshore wind, solar energy and energy savings will provide interesting opportunities for many.


The Overflate conference wants to take the pulse of our industries in a challenging time. We want to be the leading conference in operation, maintenance, corrosion protection, industrial surface treatment, insulation and inspection. In addition to focusing on education, market, research, technology, operational experience and learning, we will as usual organize an exhibition and a workshop in connection with the conference. Overflate'23 will also be the industry's meeting place for collegial networking and pleasant social gatherings.

Welcome to Overflate'23 in Grieghallen in Bergen on 14 and 15 November 2023.   

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