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November 11-13, 2024
Workshop: November 11th

The Grieg Hall

Is it business as usual?

Many of us face expectations of transformation and change to meet new market premises and political guidelines. There has been much talk about the necessity of a green transition, and this will require significant changes. What this entails in practice may be unclear to many. Is there a lot of talk and less action? Are we taking the climate challenges seriously, or will there be only minor, "cosmetic" adjustments?


The activity level is high. This is largely due to tax incentives from the government. Does this high level of activity contribute to postponing transformation processes, or does it provide opportunities to implement a course change while maintaining good activity and satisfactory earnings? Many questions can be asked. Are we in a period of transformation, or is it actually "business as usual"?


Overflate’24 aims to highlight these questions. Are we an industry positioning ourselves for new realities, or are we continuing as if the world is changing to a small extent? We will try to bring forward perspectives that can help show what is required and what is being done. Hopefully, this will show where the industry stands and what challenges and opportunities need to be addressed moving forward.


As usual, the Overflate conference wants to take the pulse of the market, political requirements, technology, research, and education. We aim to be the leading conference in operations, maintenance, corrosion protection, industrial surface treatment, insulation, and inspection. Additionally, as usual, we will organize an exhibition and a workshop in connection with the conference. Overflate’24 will also be the industry's meeting place for collegial networking and enjoyable social gatherings.


To achieve this, we need input for presentations. If your company wishes to give a presentation at Overflate’24, please send a short description of the topic so that we can establish a dialogue.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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