November 10-11 2021

The Grieg Hall

The Overflate Conference, and its exhibition, is an established and prestigious event, focusing on corrosion, surface treatment and insulation.

Overflate 2021 will again be held in the Grieg Hall November 10-11. We want to focus on the industry's challenges and opportunities, and discuss these important topics. Overflate 2021 will shed light on relevant topics the industry is concerned with, at the same time as we will be a meeting place for knowledge sharing, conversations and discussions.

We look forward to seeing you again in November.


Registration for Overflate is now open! 

We are keeping our changed terms for registration from 2020, making it risk free for you to register. You will get a full refund if the conference is cancelled. 


Overflate 2021

Overflate 2021 will be completed in November, and we look forward to meeting again in the Grieg Hall to discuss, exchange ideas and have good conversations.

2020 and 2021 have been and are different years for all of us. Many industries are characterized by uncertainties and economic challenges. We live a life with social distancing and little room for competence development and networking.

In the current situation, there are many important topics to discuss. We want to focus on the industry's challenge and opportunity picture. The Overflate Conference wants to be relevant in relation to the situation the industry is experiencing, and Overflate 2021 will therefore shed light on current topics, at the same time as we will be a meeting place for knowledge sharing, conversations and discussions.

We are planning the program for the conference now. Do you have suggestions for a topic, a speaker or a company you want to hear from - send us your input!

We look forward to meeting 10.-11. November in the Grieg Hall.

Our sponsors

Would you like to become a sponsor at this year's conference? Check out the different opportunities here.

Kulturoperatørene AS
Phone: +47 4000 7941
Email: post@kulturoperatorene.no 
Are you looking for information about previous year's conference presentations or lecturers? 
Please contact us at post@kulturoperatorene.no
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