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Exhibition and sponsors

At the Overflate conference Expo in the Grieg Hall, you will meet exciting companies with close ties to the industry, and you will have a unique opportunity to get insight into all of the latest news from the different companies. Breaks, lunch and the conference dinner will all be held in the Expo area.

The Overflate conference exhibition will contain over 30 exhibitors who will display their products and services relevant to the industry. The exhibitors will meet conference participants from many different companies, and have a unique opportunity to show their products and areas of focus to a very relevant target group.

As an exhibitor you will get very good exposure, and have an opportunity to reach all participants at the conference. In addition, all members of our database will receive information about all exhibitors and collaborators. This database includes many different traders in the business and their associated vendors.

For more information, contact or telephone +47 4000 7941

Registration for the conference opens i June 2022.

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