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Speakers Overflate 2019

Bilde 003.jpg



Henriette Skarpeid, from Søgne (the happy southern part of Norway) currently living in Porsgrunn, where she works at Norner. She has an M.Sc in Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) specializing in materials technology. Henriette has worked at Norner for 2.5 years, where she mainly works with mechanical testing on different materials aging and qualification testing of coatings. She is quality responsibility for coating testing related to ISO 17025 accreditation. 



Senior Principal Engineer, DNV GL

Mr. Frode Wiggen has been working within Integrity Management of oil and gas installation since 1990. Throughout this period, he has contributed in development of national and international standards and guidelines within inspection management of topside containment systems. During the last years, he has specialized within Corrosion Under Insulation and been technical lead on the development of a new methodology for risk management of CUI. This methodology is described in DNVGL RP G109 rev. 2019. During his career, he has delivered consultancy services within integrity management for most upstream oil and gas operators in the North Sea. He has been working for DNV GL since 1997, former emlopyments include ConocoPhillips and Oceaneering.



Senior Scientist, SINTEF

Ole Øystein Knudsen is Senior Scientist at SINTEF, where he has been working with corrosion, corrosion protection and surface treatment since 1998. He received his MSc in chemistry from NTH in 1990 and his PhD in materials technology from NTNU in 1998. Since 2008 he is Adjunct Professor at NTNU, teaching and supervising students in coating technology.



Integrity Supervisor, Vår Energi AS

Døble er bygningsingeniør og er cand. mag fra Universitetet i Oslo, i tillegg korrosjonsfag fra NTH. Jobbet 18 år i forskjellige Aker Kværner bedrifter. Begynte i Eni Norge i 2008 med ansvar for material teknologi og korrosjon. Eni Norge og Point Resources slo seg sammen til Vår Energi i desember 2018 og han er nå leder av «Integrity» avdelingen. Denne avdelingen har ansvar for den tekniske integriteten relatert til trykkpåsatt utsyr og struktur



Senior Manager, Technical Service ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

Søren Nyborg Rasmussen - Senior Manager, Technical Service ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation (a division of ROCKWOOL International A/S) Hedehusene, Denmark. As chemical engineer by background, Søren brings more than 30 years of experience from the global Marine, Offshore and Process industries specializing in insulation and protective coatings. 

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Chlor-Rid Business Manager, Borchers

Andrew Recker is currently employed as Business Manager for the ClorRid division of Borchers America. He has a Bachelor of Science, an MBA, and is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Polymer/Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University. Over the past 15 years he has been working in the lab as a chemist for various companies such as AkzoNobel and BASF. Most of the development work he was conducting was focused on corrosion resistance whether in the form of a coating of passivation treatment. He is currently involved in doing research on surface preparation prior to high performance coating application and novel approaches to corrosion resistance enhancement. Over the past 15 years he has had many ideas filed for patent applications with several still pending. Also, Andrew has recently become more involved with specification and standard writing through organizations such as ISO and NACE. 

Rifnur Latipov.jpg


Senior Chemist, Hempel A/S

Rifnur Latipov holds an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has been employed by Hempel A/S (Copenhagen area) since March 2016. During his studies he carried out a number of projects with Hempel A/S, primarily in the field of fouling release coatings. Currently he holds a position as Senior Chemist in the Technology and Innovation group of R&D and is responsible for technical lead in new technology product development projects. His responsibilities include new product development in the field of protective coatings and investigation of new technologies and innovation related to paint testing and development.

Picture Goran Holten.JPG


Senior Engineer, Aker BP

Gøran Holten er utdannet sivilingeniør i kjemi fra NTNU og har en Master of Management fra BI. Innehar FROSIO sertifikat for Overflate og Isolasjon. Har jobbet 12 år med utvikling og korrosjonstesting av antikorrosive malinger hos Jotun, både som ingeniør og avdelingsleder for Primer-gruppen. Har jobbet 4 år i Statoil som Oppgaveansvarlig ISO og som SR på ISO-kontrakter. Siden 2015 ansatt i exBP Norge og nå Aker BP som Senior ingeniør Overflate og Isolasjon / Teknisk autoritet ISO.



Leading Engineer Materials Technology, Equinor

Sidsel Widerøe, from Sandvika outside Oslo, is currently working at Johan Castberg (Equinor) and is responsible for all things insulation. Widerøe is an engineer with a degree from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), in materials technology. She has worked for 20 years with engineering within materials technology and corrosion with Aker, Aibel and Equinor, as well as 10 years of different tasks within project management, Greenfield pojects. She has been with Equinor since 2011, where she, alongside the job at Castberg, is the technical manager for tasks relating to insulation in Equinor. Her title is Leading Engineer Materials Technology. 

Mariusz Zycki.jpg


Application Engineer, Graco

Mariusz Zycki is an application engineer with 25 years of experience, working for the High Performance Coatings & Foam Division at Graco. He is responsible for equipment demonstrations, technical supprt, distributor development and sales support for vapor blasting and 2K paint applications. Mariusz is Frosio lev III certified and has a bachelor degree in engineering, specialised in anticorrosion protection technology, graduated at the University of Technology in Gdansk. He is a member of the Polish Corrosion Society. He specialises lay in 1K & 2K Airless Spraying Equipment, Dry and wet blasting technologies and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting. 

Picture Trond S.jpg


General Manager, Valhall NGP

Trond Soltvedt has over 30 year's experience from industrial painting, and was early given both his certificate of apprenticeship and FROSIO. His experience is broad, first as an operator and as a manager on several levels, both nationally and internationally. Today, Trond is general manager of Valhall NGP, Miras Elektro and Grotnes Steel. He is a board member both within the industry and in charitable work. Trond is also the Chairperson at FROSIO. 

INGRID Solheim-0906.jpg


CEO, StS gruppen

Ingrid Solheim is the CEO of StS gruppen. She has held several different positions within the company, and has worked both with projects, administration and management. She has been appointed to several positions of trust in employer's organizations, e.g. chair of The Federation of Norwegian Coating Contractors, board member of KIS, chair of The Federation of Norwegian Industries and delegate to the general assembly of NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise). She has also been a member of the election committee for FROSIO and in KIS's committee for a responsible working life. Ingrid believes we should have a serious and responsible working life in Norway and thinks it is important that StS as a large employer is engaged in this work. 

Karoline Neumann.jpg


Industrial PhD student, Wood

Karoline is an industrial PhD student on corroded strength and assessment of aged steel structures. Working locations for her employer Wood includes Sandefjord and Bergen in addition to Hamburg with association to TUHH. In her work she has conducted experiments with laser scanning, tensile tests and digital image correlation. Involvement in more than 100 000 UTM on 5 ageing semisubmersibles inspires her work on spatial and temporal corrosion prediction as well as RBI. Karoline is also engaged in a joint industry project on digitalization where her main interests are reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, new business models and sharing of data. 



R&D Chemist, Jotun A/S

Andreas Løken is an R&D Chemist at Jotun A/S working with testing and documentation of coatings for the marine and protective segments. This basically means testing all kinds of coatings and coating systems, often to their brink of destruction, both to qualify systems for various specifications and standards, but also to further develop our understanding of coating degradation. He holds an MSc. and Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of Oslo (2011 and 2017 respectively), and is currently using his academic background in electrochemistry in developing alternative characterization methods for coating degradation and corrosion. 



Technical Authority Surface Treatment, Beerenberg Services

Tom Sørensen is from Bergen and has worked with paint his whole working life. First in building and construction for 10 years, before he went to industrial work in 2013, the same year he achieved FROSIO for surface treatment. He then started his education as iso-engineer at Bergen Tekniske Fagskole in 2015, while he worked as an operator offshore, finished this in 2018, the same year he was hired at Beerenberg Services. Tom works daily with quality control, adopting new technology, product support and creating processes.

Morten Walde_portrett_farge.jpg


Investor, Chairman & Consultant, Mowin

Morten Walde (1969) holds a Bachelor of business management from BI Norwegian Business School, with an additional education in Administrative Information Processing from the University of Bergen. Today, he works as an investor, board representative and consultant. Walde has 25 years of experience from oil & gas, including 10 years as CEO of the oil service company Beerenberg (2008-2018). During his career, he has also held a number of positions of trust in the oil and gas industry. 

Lars Kristian Myklebust-highres.jpg


Lawyer/Partner, Advokatfirmaet Hammervoll Pind AS

Lars Kristian Wulff Myklebust is a lawyer and partner in the firm Hammervoll Pind. He has broad experience with business law, and mainly works with clients within offshore and maritime industries. He has former experience from Equinor, where he worked with supply chain management, and management of framework agreements for maintenance and modifications. In addition to providing ongoing legal assistance in offshore projects related to the interpretation and application of contract regulations, he has also had a strong focus on project implementation and improvement initiatives with a view to increasing project profitability. He has in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian supplier industry and the practical issues that regularly apply to the industry.

Bilde_Sladjana Evensen.JPG


Specialist Engineer Insulation, Aker Solutions

Sladjana Evensen has been working in Aker Solutions since 1998. In 2007 she started working with Piping and equipment insulation and has ever since dedicated her professional career to this subject. Sladjana's main field of expertise is engineering of insulation systems, multidiscipline coordination, follow up of mechanical packages, and inspection activities. She is an active member of Aker Solutions insulation team where development and competence stands highly in focus. Sladjana has a Bachelor degree in Construction technology from Oslo Metropolitan University. 

Bilde Irene Hove.JPG


Senior Engineer Materials Technology, Aker Solutions

Irene Hove has been working with insulation in Aker Solutions since 2015, mainly with insulation strategy and multidiscipline coordination in addition to insulation of equipment packages. She has M.Sc Physical Metallurgy from NTH in 1990 and Bachelor of Business administration from BI in 2013. Before she started with insulation she worked with Material technology in Aker Solutions and SINTEF.

Erik Stensrud.png


Senior Principal Scientist, DNV GL

Erik Stensrud is Senior Principal Scientist in DNV GL and Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Digitalisation at BI Norwegian Business School. He holds a PhD in informatics from the University of Oslo, an MSc in petroleum economics from The French Petroleum Institute and an MSc in applied physics from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). At present, he manages an R&D project, financed by the Norwegian Research Council, on autonomous drones for inspection of closed compartments. He is also conducting research on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in safety critical applications, notably autonomous ships. 

Frode Picture New.jpg


Leading Advisor Surface Protection and Polymers, Equinor ASA

Frode Andres Kvilhaug has a master's degree within polymer chemistry from the Norwegian University of Science and technology from 1996. He has 11 years' experience from the paint industry, working at Jotun AS and approximately 12 years' experience working with coatings and other polymer-based materials in the oil and energy industry, working at Bjørge Norcoat (now Beerenberg) and Equinor. His functional experience includes research and development, technical sales, project management, innovation responsibility, material discipline advisor and leading advisor within polymer materials and surface treatment. 

Damien Y.C. Liao.jpg


Project Manager, YourSolutions Engineering Co., Ltd. (TWN)

Entering this field since 2012, Damien Liao has started as a field engineer to becoming a project manager now, and kept providing package maintenance service to clients in petrochemical industry in Taiwan with YOURSOLUTIONS team. From majoring in medical-related subjects in college, he is meant to think our of the box by nature, and endeavouring to integrate beyond. He is also a NACE training course translator in Taiwan. And looking forward to cooperate with professionals of different expertise and come up with better solutions to help clients in all-win situations. 

Paul P.C. Lai.jpg


President, YourSolutions Engineering Co., Ltd. (TWN)

Paul Lai is a certified NACE LEVEL II Coating Inspector and also a NACE training course translator in Taiwan. In 2013, he established his anti-corrosion service branch, YOURSOLUTIONS, with the advantage of the bolster from his own scaffolding company, the largest scaffolding supplier in Taiwan. Most refineries, petrochemical factories and power plants in the island are its customers. YOURSOLUTIONS now is one of the major consulting firm and total solution provider of corrosion problem in Taiwan. 

Njål Vikanes.jpg


Sales Executive, AVEVA AS

Njål Vikanes is a Sales Executive in Aveva AS. He is a naval architect with many year's experience in the Ship and Offshore industry. For the last 25 years with software solutions for design, engineering, maintenance and operation.

Himanshu Rai.png


Technical Sales Consultant, AVEVA

Himanshu is a Technical Sales Consultant for AVEVA with 14 years of industry experience. He has been helping clients in their digitisation journey to enable Digital Twin with the power of Visualisation, Aggregation, Asset life cycle, Performance Management and virtualisation of various other IoT applications. In the past he has worked in various roles of software industry that include Technical Sales, project management, business consulting & software development.



Partner, Rystad Energy

Markus is partner with Rystad Energy. Markus Nævestad's expertise lies within oilfield services, including market strategy development, competitor analysis and company screening. Markus also has broad experience within E&P strategy analysis, including value creation analysis, competitor benchmarking, asset/company target screening and more. He has vast experience in working with private equity companies and oilfield service companies in strategic and commercial due diligence process, both locally and globally. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Mathematics from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), with specialisation in statistics, including work experience on risk analysis aimed at the oil industry.

Ogles_Mike_ 4.jpg


Director Global Fireproofing, Carboline Company

Qualified as Mechanical engineer, Mike has worked worldwide in the Passive Fire Protection industry since 1986. Initially he was associated with Epoxy Intumescent products and the offshore industry. Since 2006 he has also had responsibility for Lightweight Cementacious Fire Protection. In these fields Mike has managed his companies supply and support activities for projects both onshore and offshore on 4 continents. Lately he has also been involved in some significant onshore commercial projects using similar technologies.

Ole Stræte.jpg


General Manager, FROSIO

Ole Stræte is the General Manager at FROSIO, an organization certifying inspectors of surface treatment and insulation. He has over 30 years' experience in the field of surface treatment and has worked within technical service and formulation for paint manufacturers. Prior to working at FROSIO, he was working as a Senior Advisor in the surface treatment group at Teknologisk Institutt AS, where a considerable time was spent teaching FROSIO courses. 

Henriette Skarpeid
Frode Wiggen
Ole Øystein Knudsen
Olaf Døble
Søren Nyborg Rasmussen
Andrew Recker
Rifnur Latipov
Gøran Holten
Sidsel Widerøe
Mariusz Zycki
Trond Soltvedt
Ingrid Solheim
Karolin Neumann
Andreas Løken
Tom Sørense
Morten Walde
Lars Kristian Wulff Myklebust
Slajana Evensen
Irene Hove
Erik Stensrud
Frode Andres Kvilhaug
Damien Y.C. Liao
Paul P.C. Lai
Njål Vikanes
Markus Nævestad
Himanshu Rai
Mike Ogles
Agnar Ole Stræte
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