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The conference

The Overflate conference is the industry's meeting place. The conference is deeply rooted in the scientific community. Central people and organisations within corrosion, industrial surface treatment and insulation are the creators of this event.

2020 and 2021 has been and is different for us all. Many industries are affected by uncertainties and economic challenges. We live a life of social distancing with few opportunities for competence development and networking. At the same time, these different times and the great challenges we stand before, create a in increased need to meet and to work together. Collectively we have the opportunity to find solutions and to find out how the industry can develop sustainable competition in a changed world. Mobility has gone from being a natural and necessary part of everyday life, to being a challenge and a hinder. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable our society is, both locally and globally. During the pandemic we have experienced that society is dependent on work immigration to keep the wheels turning. Many asks if this dependency of foreign workers should be better planned and run. Should we to a greater extent use our own resources, develope knowledge and educated our own workforce to meet the needs of the industry?

We have many subjects that need to be highlighted and discussed in today’s situation. We want to focus on the industry’s challenges and opportunities. How will the markets develop, and how does the industry have to adapt to the changes we experience, both short term and long term. The Overflate conference wants to be relevant in regard to the current situations in the industry, and Overflate 2022 will therefore highlight relevant themes, and be a meeting place for knowledge sharing, conversations and discussions.

We can't wait to see you on November 10th!

All conference participants, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers are invited to a conference dinner with entertainment on Wednesday November 10.

Program and speakers will be announced fall 2021.

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