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13 november 2023


"Competence gives opportunities"

This year's workshop will take place in the Troldtog Hall in Grieghallen, on November 19 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Immideately following the workshop there will be a get-together in Spissen in Grieghallen, with light refreshments and the opportunity to take an early peek at this year's expo. 

The workshop will focus on competence giving opportunities. But is it always clear which competence we have access to?

To elaborate on the issues of competence and innovation we are happy to announce that some key companies along with "Hovedorganisasjonenes Fellestiltak" (HF) are among the speakers at this year's workshop. 

You can sign up for this year's workshop in  the registration form for the conference here

Detailed times for the workshop will be updated here as we approach the conference, and will be sent via email to all participants.

Check out the program below for information about the workshop. Please note that the workshop will be held in Norwegian.

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